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:To make Breifer

Synonyms (similar) : shortenreduce

Antonyms (opposite) : expandelongate


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Vocabulary of English Language
Glossary of Zoology
Vocabulary of Human Anatomy And Physiology
Glossary of Human Anatomy And Physiology
Vocabulary of हिन्दी भाषा
Vocabulary of English Vocabulary
Vocabulary of Botany
Glossary of Botany
Glossary of Geology
Vocabulary of Pharmacology
Glossary of Pharmacology
Glossary of Physics
Vocabulary of Pharmaceutics
Glossary of Pharmaceutics
Vocabulary of Biology
Glossary of Biology
Vocabulary of Biochemistry
Glossary of Biochemistry
Glossary of Mathematics
Glossary of Astronomy
Vocabulary of Personality
Vocabulary of Science
Glossary of Science

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