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Chemistry Short Notes and practice questions

Shruti Jayewar 30-Nov--0001
This series cover complete chemistry with short notes and practice questions.

general science aptitude test | Science MCQ Quiz with Explained Answers

SoloTutes 22-Oct-2019
Attempt this test on general science which contains MCQs from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology up to 10th standard. General science is an important part of general awareness included in the syllabus of in most of competitive exams including RRBs, DSSSB, UPSSSC, UPSC etc.

Structure of Human Ear and Hearing Aid

Jagriti 19-May-2020
A hearing aid is a battery-operated, an electronic device that receives sound from the atmosphere and converts it into electrical signals. Humans are privileged as they are able to hear with the help of an extremely sensitive device known as the “Ear”.We receive audible frequencies from our surrounding which is then converted into electrical signals that are passed through a special nerve called “Auditory Nerve” to our brain.    

General Science Quiz | Practice test for SSC, DSSSB, UPSSC, UKSSC, railway, and RRB Exams

SoloTutes 22-Dec-2020
most important questions from general science (GS). included questions mostly asked in previous exams. most important questions asked as basic science and also we all experience it in day-to-day life.

Blood | Functions and Composition of Blood

Pharmacy Exams 22-Mar-2021
Blood is specialized fluid connective tissue, transports nutrition, water and oxygen to various tissues and organs. circulates in closed vessels. slightly alkaline in nature.

Thomson, Rutherford and Bohr model of atom.

Jagriti 25-Mar-2021
Thomson's atomic model proposed that an atom is uniform sphere of positive charges (due to presence of protons ) as well as the negative charges (due to the presence of the electrons.

World Geography practice test #1 | General Knowledge Quiz

SoloTutes 29-Apr-2021
This practice test contains a short quiz of objectivE questions mcqs from important static geographical topics in world geography. attempt this test to check your knowledge on world geography.

GK Common Abbreviations | General Science One Liners

Prakash Chandra 10-Jul-2021
Here are some Important short forms for scientific terms, substances or organisations.

Chemistry Series chapter 2: Structure of Atom | Part - 3 | Orbits and Energy Levels

Shruti Jayewar 31-Oct-2021
The arrangement of electrons in various shells that is energy levels of an atom of the element is known as its electronic configuration. The distribution of electrons into different orbits or shells of an atom was suggested by Bohr and Bury.    

Disease Caused by Bacteria | Biology Notes

Pooja Agnihotri 25-Nov-2021
Bacterial diseases include any type of illness caused by bacteria. Bacteria are a type of microorganism, which are tiny forms of life that can only be seen with a microscope. Other types of microorganisms include viruses, some fungi, and some parasites.    

The Stone Age | Ancient History Notes

Pooja Agnihotri 25-Nov-2021
In the late 19th century, the term ‘Stone Age’, was coined by - The Danish scholar CHRISTIAN J. THOMSEN, on the basis of the technological framework for the study of the human past. The Stone Age is defined as the age when prehistoric man began to use stones for utilitarian purposes.    

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