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Mathematics: Profit And Loss, Solved Questions

MaNiSH manevandra 13-May-2020
The profit earned by selling an article for Rs 900 is double the loss incurred when the same article is sold for Rs 450. At what price should the article be sold to make a 25% profit?

Why Pataliputra (now Patna) was so important in Indian History?

Priyansha_Thapa 02-Aug-2020
The location of Pataliputra was a strategic one and that is why it was the capital of so many empires in history. It is located right in the center of North-Eastern India

General Science Quiz | Practice test for SSC, DSSSB, UPSSC, UKSSC, railway, and RRB Exams

SoloTutes 22-Dec-2020
most important questions from general science (GS). included questions mostly asked in previous exams. most important questions asked as basic science and also we all experience it in day-to-day life.

Charged Particles in Matter | Electrons and Protons

Jagriti 19-Mar-2021
A matter is consists of many atoms and an atom is consists of electrons, protons and neutrons. of these electrons and protons are the equally oppositely charged particles.

मुहावरे और लोकोक्तियाँ वस्तुनिष्ठ प्रश्न (quiz) । हिंदी भाषा परीक्षण (test)

Prakash Joshi 02-May-2021
मुहावरे और लोकोक्तियों से संबंधित इस प्रश्नावली को हल करने पर प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं की तैयारी में काफी मदद मिलेगी।। जैसे की DSSSB व अन्य राज्य स्तरीय चयन बोर्ड की परीक्षाओं में हिंदी भाषा से 20 से 25 प्रश्न पूछे जाते हैं।

Water and Mineral Metabolism | Biochemistry notes

SoloTutes 24-May-2021
Water and minerals are play major role in the processes of life. Minerals are divided into two types in human body 1. Principal elements (Macrominerals) I.e calcium, sodium,  2. Trace elements (macrominerals)I.e copper, iron, etc.

The Constitution of India, Formation History and Timeline

diksha sati 01-Nov-2021

The Constitution of India withholds the constitutional supremacy and not the supremacy of the parliament because it is not created by the parliament but the constitution was created by a constituent assembly and it was adopted by its people with the declaration of the preamble.


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