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How to be a contributor for SoloTutes?

Every User who joins this website is a contributor.

What type of content required?

We are publishing content in Academics, jobs, blog posts.


1. In academics part one can Submit Notes on specific subjects (i.e. history, economics, science, zoology,botany,mathematics,pharmacy, nurshing,Geography etc.).
If required subject or topic is missing mail us at or or leave blank the subject field and quote about it on starting lines. (e.g. subject: science, unit :biology , topic: human anatomy)

2. If you are writing notes on a subject chapter wise, first add a lesson . Introduction part should be included in content of lesson after submition of lesson add a note and select lesson in the parent.

3. Ask Question or answer questions asked by Students.

4. Add a Quiz : these are multiple choice Questions (MCQs)

5. Add One Liners : these are the facts or informative notes or questions having one line or one word Answer

6. Add Frequestly Asked Questions

7. Create Mock/aptitude tests view sample tests.

Job Postings :

Any update related to competitive exams, new job vacancies, Government jobs. You can post a job update here

Blog Posts/ news articles/ exam updates

if you want to write updates about any upcomming exams, jobs, educational news. than select blog as post type.

Tutorials :

if you are writing how to type posts, step by step guide about anything then you can select tutorial as post type.

How you will be paid for your work?

The Contributors will be paid if their content published on this website. In your Dashboard you can check how many of your posts are published and what is the total word counts for your posts. we will pay you Rs.20 for each 100 words or max Rs.150/per post (Whichever is minimum) for each published posts only (not paid for drafts, in_review and submitted posts). We may change this rate further if your published posts reaches to 20
minimum threshold will be Rs.100/-

What if your post is not published?

if your post status shows in Review then there are chances to be published , if post status shows published then you are eligible for payout and you can see these posts in account section, if post status shows Draft it means either you have not submitted it for review or may be needed improvements. so you can resubmit those posts by editing again. dont't worry we have another plan of payments in which you can be paid as per views on your content and points you have earned

Open account tab to see Your eligible posts for payments. Redeem if redeemable amount exceeds 100 Rs.