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prince joshi •
16 Apr 2020

Health And Nutrition: Vitamins

Health And Nutrition: Vitamins

 Vitamins are the organic catalysts found in food in minute traces and have no calorific value but they are vital to physiological proce

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pharmacy infoline •
20 Jul 2021

Nutrition and Health MCQ | Quiz

Nutrition and Health MCQ | Quiz

This MCQ series include different chapters mcq from Health education and community pharmacy. In this part we will cover Nutrition a nd Health

1 of 10 〉 The deficiency of any essential constituent of food leads to ……
  • Malnutrition
  • Malfunction
  • Malnation
  • Marination
2 of 10 〉 PEM occurs particularly in …
  • Weanlings
  • Childrens in first year of life
  • Childrens in second year of life
  • All of them

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