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Pathophysiology – a convergence of pathology with physiology – is the study of the disordered physiological processes that cause, result from, or are otherwise associated with a disease or injury.

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Basic principles of cell injury

diksha bhatla  
3 Jun 2022   

Cell injury is the common denominator in almost all diseases. It is defined as 'an alteration in cell structure or biochemical functioning, re...

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Basic Mechanism Involved In The Process Of Inflammation, Repair, And Atherosclerosis

diksha bhatla  
9 Jun 2022   

Inflammation is a critical homeostatic process that is activated by cellular injury regardless of the mechanism of that injury. ...

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Cardiovascular System

diksha bhatla  
20 Jun 2022   

INTRODUCTION TO CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM The heart is muscular organ about the size of a closed fist located in the chest between the lungs behind th...

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Diseases Of Bones & Joints

diksha bhatla  
21 Jun 2022   

INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN SKELETON  The human skeleton is the internal framework of the body. It is composed of 270 bones at birth. This total 206 ...

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Principles Of Cancer

diksha bhatla  
22 Jun 2022   

INTRODUCTION  When cells in some area of body duplicate without control, the excess of tissue that  develops called tumor or neoplasm. T...

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